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Welcome to Gredos Stud Farm website. We will guide you through a magnificent experience built for top sales professionals and P.R.E horse lovers.


Gredos Stud Farm is an ambitious project with more than 50 mares split into two horse lines:

  • Rearing line based on the true origin of the horse of “Pura Raza Española or P.R.E.” like Bocado, Granda, Guardiola, Escalera, Romero Benitez, Yeguada Militar … etc. As a result, the most beautiful and noble horses recognized and accepted around the world.
  • Rearing line based on the rearing of P.R.E horses with capas diluidas whose products are simply extraordinary for its especial, peculiarity and spectacular beauty.


If you are a sales professional, take advantage of important discounts. But if you a horse lover, please take your time and enjoy with us.